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Vegxs teamed up with UK singer/songwritter/producer Jav Nunes for this new project called "VIBES".


released June 25, 2017

Production : Vegxs
Mixing : Vegxs, Jav Nunes,
Writing : Anna Rebecca, A-Rock, Creamatic, Hughdem, Jav Nunes, LauraJeanne, Leshai
Artwork : Vegxs



all rights reserved


Vegxs Paris, France

Montreal born, Paris and Ottawa made me.

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Track Name: The Shade
[Hook : Jav Nunes]
Grab some shade
On this sunny day
The breeze tease leaves under these trees
And the lights reflecting off the lake
Smoke and fires just wanna play
Buy an ice cream i just wanna taste
Remember an old dream I may never wake

[Verse : Jav Nunes]
Moving on through
To the green and the blue
Fresh grown grass under my shoe
Why's all this feeling so new
Seemed to have forgot bout the days
Forgot bout the games that kept us entertained
And the songs that ring old memories ding ding another melody
I seem to see that the clouds they float by
While we just walk on with that moment left painted in time
Track Name: VIBES Interlude #1 A-Rock
[Interlude : A-Rock]
I honestly do believe that one of life’s biggest mysteries lies in vibrations and frequencies
To think that vibes and frequencies can affect the way we think and the way we react and can affect our emotions is just crazy
It’s a mind blowing concept and if we embrace it, we can change the world
You wanna talk super-powers ? Talk to me when you can write a song or make a beat or when you’ve been in an environment that can honestly make you say that you’ve been to the moon and back
You’re listening to VIBES
Shoutout to Jav Nunes
Shoutout to Vegxs
Be your own hero, be self-aware
Motivation Matrix
Live from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
And that’s the way the cookie crumbles
Track Name: Summertime In L.A (Ft. Hughdem)
[Verse : Hughdem]
I used to watch Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince on the TMF channel
That Summertime vid made me want to time travel to the 90’s
Big barbecue against the blue backdrop
Patterned shirts, dungarees and huge flat-tops
Grab a boombox, bust a move, bump and groove
And say a prayer for anyone who goes to summer school
I’m in the bus bumping old sounds from the golden age
Thinking about the West Coast wishing that I could go down to that era
Slam dunk mad punks on the ball court
Hollering at the women in the small shorts
Walking down the avenue in fresh new kicks
Everybody jocking turning round their heads like "Who’s this ?" (Hughdem)
Bouncing lo lo’s in L.A with the ese’s
Though the only Spanish words I know are “Hola” and “Comprende”
Chilling on the street bumping G-Funk mixtapes
40 with me like Drake
Man I’m feeling so waved
You know in England the frequency of summer jams
Relies on British weather, I’m sure you’ll understand
I still love sitting in the park sipping scrumpy Jack
Or festivals sway to dub and skank to the jungle jams
But part of me is wishing I could touch the land of Uncle Sam
When they did the humpty dance, jumping jack and running man
In Cali or Miami kicking back on the beach
Only the palm trees throwing shade on me

[Hook : Jav Nunes]
If I hold out my hands
Rain will you please wash away
Close my eyes got feet in the sand
The suns touch makes a brighter day
L.A, L.A
Nah still in town, still here repping in the UK mate
But no probs theres no rush to fuss about a daydream inside the headphones on this bus
Track Name: VIBES Interlude #2 Creamatic
[Skit : Creamatic]
What's the vibe ?
What's the vibe ?
What's the vibe ?
What's the vibe ?
How y'all feeling on this mother fucking night ?
Aye yo it's your boy Creamatic, coming live from Houston, Texas
Shoutout to my boys Vegxs and Jav
You know what it is
Track Name: Straight For The Throne (Ft. Leshai)
[Verse : Jav Nunes]
Where do we go now ?
Where do we go
Straight for the throne now and we don’t even know
The gold is directing
This feelings infecting
Slowly climbing the steps up whilst I’m slowly betting on these stars
to guide me to Mars
Pick up what you got and we start mishing like a march
Pumping on that power of knowing each and every part of the party
This life is gnarly, come chill like Marley
But back out and riled up
All of our filled up guts
Same old answers of all of us testing our cheap luck
Fuck the what because why not live backwards it's not madness if you can remove yourself to see
Some standards
Living faster and smoking more
I forgot to do all of my chores
The kings of bullshit our people love it
But they don’t sit down
They don’t want a dirty crown (want the dirty crown)
So if you ain't bout (If you ain't bout)
Why the fuck you acting loud ? (why you acting loud ?)
Why the fuck you acting loud

[Hook : Jav Nunes & Leshai]
Where do we go now, where do we go ?
Straight for the throne now and we don’t even know
Where do we go now, where do we go
Track Name: VIBES Interlude #3 LauraJeanne
[Skit : LauraJeanne]
Soul, sista I need ya presence
Soul, sista, send me the vibe
Soul, sista, I miss ya essence
Soul, sista,

Bring back the vibe?

I light my blunts with incense
I cite my poems with science
I soak my pours in sunflower seeds
Heed to She, the highest
Bathe in the sun for energy
Laugh at those who doubt me
For what on earth can stop me
When withiing me dwells infinity?

Well myself of course
Getting wrapped up in your life approach.
Distract me with bright lights and hopes
Of a bluer sky to aim to hold.
Forcing me to fill a mold never meant for them will they ever know?
But I've come to the conclusion that most of this is an illusion
It's the beauty you've been choosing to see ....or not
Like he or she ain't me
Dont got what I got
Can't rock what I rock
And my chakras on spot
So when the pressure got hot.
A precious gem was formed.
See I know my names a strain of gold.
Honey seeps from every scar, behold
I bleed no more, love fills these veins
No hate remains, I've been reborn.
Track Name: Sweetest Things (Ft. Anna Rebecca)
[Verse : Jav Nunes]
And she, unfolds herself around me every time that she breathes
And I can't see
My words break apart to her which is apparently funny
But fuck, there goes her laugh
I see her smile, I think I may crack
Your idiosyncrasies are syncing in
I don’t fall in love but you're kind of tempting
And no you’re not perfect you're not even close
Yet you’re the most worth it and somehow I know
I wanna flow with you
So please can you bring
All of you and all of your sweetest things

[Hook : Anna Rebecca]
Baby let me feel you and take this slowly
I'm gonna find you and take this slowly