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Producer Vegxs teamed up with London MC Nineteen Ninety Four to give you a four tracks album called "IV".


released May 13, 2017

Production : Vegxs, Nineteen Ninety Four
Writing : Nineteen Ninety Four, Ziboubaa, Imani
Mixing : Nineteen Ninety Four, Vegxs
Artwork : Vegxs, Nineteen Ninety Four, Chanal Benjilali



all rights reserved


Vegxs Paris, France

Montreal born, raised in France & Canada. Vegxs started producing in 2011. He released his first official project in 2013 entitled "Paris Boulevard", followed by "L I B E R T Y" & "The Average Kid" in 2014. Vegxs worked and produced for many artists mostly based in Northern America & Western Europe.. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Change [Prod. By Vegxs & Nineteen Ninety Four]
[Verse 1 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
It's just fire and flame or desire and pain
Can't be all in my ears talking liars and names
I've been me my whole life no desire to change
Model and bottle popping yeah we aspire to gain
I've been through all the nitty and gritty running the city
Only fucking her once
Cause baby was only pretty
They tell me that they will see me but see me and don't do nothing
You niggas here playing poker I'll pull card if you're bluffing

[Bridge : Nineteen Ninety Four]

[Verse 2 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
Life is a river I pray that it keeps on flowing
Planted money seeds and my trees they keep on growing
I have to make it off of rap it's either this or the trap
So us being in jail is contingent on me blowing
Bro how I deal with the pressure ?
Diamonds don't bring me pleasure
My X had a chest but found she wasn't treasure
And I can't fake it
Mother knows me I can't fake it
So tell em fuck all this money I'll burn it all when I make it
Track Name: Z (Ft. Zinoubaa) [Prod. By Vegxs]
[Verse 1 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
Too deep for the intro
Blow smoke out the window
Says, shes's in a relationship well girl I'ma be the one to sink boats
Lay back, take that, they call me young Diddy n that
If you text me when I'm beating a link I'ma hit you with a bro I'm mad busy n that
Cause I get busy n that in sheets yeah, leave you weak in the knees yeah
Blow your back out till you tap out and you say it's too deep yeah
For the ones that are doubting me, got girls that will vouch for me
This love is like alchemy
Cause girl we got chemistry and I'm good with biology yeah

[Hook : Zinoubaa]

[Verse 2 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
All you gotta do is say yes, and I'ma grab the latex
And come to your crib, bareback fuck safe sex
Cause we've been here before
Grabbing my dick at the door
Grabbing your hips, sucking your lips, pull out while I'm letting my kids hit the floor
Cause I don't want a yout yet
More summertime to step
I just wanna get in the box, like a nigga bought new crep
Fuck know I keep you the closest
Girl I'ma buy you roses
So let me part that c..unt I ain't Moses
Oh shit
Track Name: East Side [Prod. By Vegxs]
[Verse 1 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
Let me tell you why you can't bar with me
Because your 4 bills you ain't even half a g
I'm partially dark but it's hard to be
Humble every time that I park that Jeep
So you can jam with da mandem stand on the block
And be giving out ticks like hands on watch
Coulda been a man in a box
But I'm tryna drop shit that a fans gonna cop
That's 3 weeks no trim bro
Niggas wanna find me cool here's the info
Fuck you CR7 when I cut through
Buss you but you niggas couldn't buss urself
I got a new chick from Neasden
I make her get on her knees then
She like me cause I'm a Starboy
So she come and see me on the weekend
I got a ting from Harlow
But more time she be up in Shoreditch
Big back slim waist, won't lie man I'm hooked like a chorus
I got a new ting that's into girls
I'm happy I've been Pharell
But fuck that trust me cause I got things to buy and things to sell

[Hook : Nineteen Ninety Four]
On the East Side, come to the roads
Young nigga from E5 and we stick to the code
Don't snitch

[Verse 2 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
You should come see me n that
I ain't Lebanese but you could be my habibi n that
Soon be on TV n that
Girl I gotta take time get my CD intact
So you don't wanna war widda brudda like me
It will get peak for a brudda like you
Said it will get peak for a brudda like you
Talking 6 foot deep for a brudda like you
Cause I'm well connected fuck being well known
Jealous niggas they see you reign then wanna hit you with them hail stones
Dead that cause I still stunt
Still stunt on my old tings
Us niggas weren't always fly
Ask Nines man had to grow wings
I show tings

[Hook : Ninety Ninety Four]
Track Name: Imani's Love [Prod. By Vegxs]
[Verse : Nineteen Ninety Four]
Lately I've been jaded
Don't know if I'll make it
Fears starts to call, tears start to fall
When love turns to hatred
I've been living in the matrix, surrounded by agents
Head full of shit but my heart's still vacant
You see I practice patience
Cause I'm never insincere
So I hope that we win this year
Got love for the fam ring when I can yet the turn around cause they never think Chris cares
And it hurts but I bare my cross
And the pains kinda wearing off
See I think back to the years I lost
When I was searching asking where is God
And I been bleeding floods lyrically leaking love
On the page in the back of my mind
I rap to the blind
Do you see what I'm saying ?
Can you see what I'm saying ?
Cause this world ain't timeless
So it means so much when I say you're the only one that I spend time with

[Skit : Imani]