East Side [Prod. By Vegxs]

from by Nineteen Ninety Four & Vegxs

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[Verse 1 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
Let me tell you why you can't bar with me
Because your 4 bills you ain't even half a g
I'm partially dark but it's hard to be
Humble every time that I park that Jeep
So you can jam with da mandem stand on the block
And be giving out ticks like hands on watch
Coulda been a man in a box
But I'm tryna drop shit that a fans gonna cop
That's 3 weeks no trim bro
Niggas wanna find me cool here's the info
Fuck you CR7 when I cut through
Buss you but you niggas couldn't buss urself
I got a new chick from Neasden
I make her get on her knees then
She like me cause I'm a Starboy
So she come and see me on the weekend
I got a ting from Harlow
But more time she be up in Shoreditch
Big back slim waist, won't lie man I'm hooked like a chorus
I got a new ting that's into girls
I'm happy I've been Pharell
But fuck that trust me cause I got things to buy and things to sell

[Hook : Nineteen Ninety Four]
On the East Side, come to the roads
Young nigga from E5 and we stick to the code
Don't snitch

[Verse 2 : Nineteen Ninety Four]
You should come see me n that
I ain't Lebanese but you could be my habibi n that
Soon be on TV n that
Girl I gotta take time get my CD intact
So you don't wanna war widda brudda like me
It will get peak for a brudda like you
Said it will get peak for a brudda like you
Talking 6 foot deep for a brudda like you
Cause I'm well connected fuck being well known
Jealous niggas they see you reign then wanna hit you with them hail stones
Dead that cause I still stunt
Still stunt on my old tings
Us niggas weren't always fly
Ask Nines man had to grow wings
I show tings

[Hook : Ninety Ninety Four]


from IV, released May 13, 2017
Produced by : Vegxs
Written by : Nineteen Ninety Four



all rights reserved


Vegxs Paris, France

Montreal born, raised in France & Canada. Vegxs started producing in 2011. He released his first official project in 2013 entitled "Paris Boulevard", followed by "L I B E R T Y" & "The Average Kid" in 2014. Vegxs worked and produced for many artists mostly based in Northern America & Western Europe.. ... more

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